Our Music Ministry is led by Rev. Jeffery Spell. Here are a number of the ways you can use your musical gifts for the Lord.

  1. Celebration Choir
    1. Each Sunday morning our choir sings a special and helps to lead the church in musical worship. Our choir practices on Sunday afternoons from 4:30-5:30pm. Our choir is led my our music minister, Bro. Jeffery Spell.
  2. Praise Team
    1. The praise team consists of a few men and women who stand on the stage during worship and sing the different musical parts (e.g., bass, tenor, soprano, alto) to help lead our church in congregational singing.
  3. Instrumentalists
    1. We currently have a pianist, two keyboardists, an acoustic guitarist, and a bass guitarist. We have formerly had a drummer and a saxophone player. These instrumentalists play the music for our congregational singing.
  4. A/V Team
    1. Our A/V team consists of three people each week. One runs the sound board. One runs the computer/projector to present lyrics, Bible verses, sermon notes, and videos. One runs a video board that records our church services.
  5. Special Music
    1. Each week someone typically sings the “special music”—i.e., a solo or a duet or a quartet, etc.
  6. Christmas Musical
    1. Each Christmas season our Celebration Choir learns a new musical to perform on a Sunday night before Christmas. It is not uncommon for the choir to pick up a few new members just for the Christmas musical. Practice for the musical takes place each Sunday afternoon from 4:30-5:30pm in the months leading up to Christmas.