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Here’s what’s going on THIS WEEK AT SOUTHSIDE (8/15/21).

  • This week's church bulletin and prayer list are attached at the bottom of this post.
  • Join us this weekend for worship—Sunday School, Sunday morning service, and SOUTHSIDE UNIVERSITY on Sunday night. Read a description of this semester’s course offerings here: Sign up for your class here: It's only week 2 of Southside U, so it's not too late to join a class!
  • It's Promotion Sunday this week for our Sunday School classes. Come celebrate with us. For many of our class members it might be time to move up to your new class! We're not offering a big sitdown breakfast this year because of the rise in local COVID cases, but we will be providing refreshments (i.e., donuts and juice) for each class individually. Make sure to be in your spot.

SUNDAY (8/15)

  • Sunday School (9:15am)
    • It's Promotion Sunday for our Sunday School classes! Many of our children and teens will be moving to their next grade's class. Some of our adults may consider moving up a class, too. To celebrate, we're providing refreshments (i.e., donuts and juice) to each class individually, Make sure to be in your spot!
  • Morning Worship (10:30am)
  • Evening Worship (6:00pm)


  • AWANA (5:45pm in FLC)
  • S2 Youth Group (5:45pm in FLC)
  • Prayer Meeting and Bible Study from 6:30-7:30pm (Sanctuary)


  • Bridal shower for Ms. Abi Walker, bride-elect of Mr. Landon Chavis (Aug. 22nd)

See you Sunday morning!